Mask Collaborations

I often work on the production team of a theater or dance performance as a mask designer. Click for performance photos of some of my past collaborations.

36632924963_3ddf56f8b8_o          Tomàs and the Library Lady


in New Orleans, La. Monday, May 8, 2017.          The Spider Queen
151104-stag_3089          The King Stag
RMA Gala15 Med 0919          Rubin Museum Gala
16110825009_be1b3e4573_k          The Snowstorm
13161_709707525788230_1871078271677446376_n          Maya
VS_Sandman-6          The Velvet Sky
120427-StormDR_1074-miniaturized          The Storm in the Barn
          A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Pantalone          A Company of Wayward Saints
misterone-1          The Adding Machine
rabbit-3          Alice in Wonderland
andromache-chorus          Women of Troy
IMG_6048 2          Black River Killer
IMG_0304          Saint Arlecchino

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