1000 Words Each

We've opened MAYA and the kids have performed at two of the three venues already!  Here are some pictures 🙂


Shots from the rehearsal room

I spent this last week in Pune, rehearsing with the cast at KCT.  We had more fittings and used the masks in rehearsal to discover any potential difficulties in comfort and sightlines. In the second act, there is a large dance featuring all sorts of animals, in a variety of masks styles that cover different … Continue reading Shots from the rehearsal room

Making it work

As a child,  I would often hear my father say: "There's more than one way to skin a cat." The most pressing thing on my mind at the time was: Why would one want to skin a cat at all?  I still haven't answered that question. However, I do know there's more than one way to get something done. … Continue reading Making it work


Revolutions & Gratitude

Birthday thanks! Today I complete another revolution around the sun.  I am in the same place, but not in the same place. Unlike any previous year, I am in another country for my birthday. I will be spending it NOT working, and doing a bit of roaming around Mumbai and sharing food with friends. I am … Continue reading Revolutions & Gratitude


Horn OK Please

I’ve always been a very visual learner. When learning a new place, it is no different. Cross-referencing my physical experience of moving through a city with the visual representation of the journey on a map is important to me. I had an idea of the location of my guest house before leaving, but only an … Continue reading Horn OK Please


The Maya Project

I'm traveling to India! I will be volunteering  the next two months for the Maya Project, a joint project of two great organizations, Teach for India and Artists Striving to End Poverty. It's a wonderful project, aimed at the empowerment of children to creatively work for the change they would like to see. A significant part of … Continue reading The Maya Project