Buon Viaggio

Strebor Ailuj At some point—after I had already researched various mask traditions and teachers around the world, and after I had already decided how to focus my next period of study, and after I had already begun strategizing  and planning my trip—I realized something significant. My first study in culture and mask traditions had brought me … Continue reading Buon Viaggio


A View of My Studio

A few months ago I was approached by a photographer in Eugene, Oregon, named Dennis Galloway. Among his many other projects, he shoots panoramas of artists in their studios. We arranged a time and he came up an took this awesome photo. We chatted about masks and photography and travels as we did this shoot. It … Continue reading A View of My Studio

Mask Making Intensive Workshop in Portland: March 27-29

Hi everyone! I'm leading a workshop on half masks for the stage. Read more below! To be sure to hear about upcoming workshops and performances, join my mailing list. - Tony Making the Stage-ready Mask Learn how to make a mask that feeds the performer and is designed to play powerfully on indoor and outdoor stages. In this … Continue reading Mask Making Intensive Workshop in Portland: March 27-29

Some for wearing, some for seeing

Some of my masks are commissioned. Some are  designed as a part of a specific theatre or dance production.  Some are the results of experimenting in the studio. But nearly all of the masks I make are intended for performance—or at least for wearing. The materials I use and painting styles I employ follow this … Continue reading Some for wearing, some for seeing