The Mask Maker

I've often found that people aren't quite sure what I mean when I say I'm a mask maker. Chris Hatcher of Field Guide Films gives a terrific peek behind the curtains in this video. The Mask Maker from Chris Hatcher on Vimeo.   The masks I'm making here are for the production of The Spider Queen … Continue reading The Mask Maker


Collaboration: Canby HS Dance Team

Hi! It's been awhile. But for great reasons! I've been working on lots of projects in the last few months. Here's a little about one of them. The Project Canby High has a team of about 25 dancers who participate in large dance competitions around the region. The dances are performed on a large gymnasium … Continue reading Collaboration: Canby HS Dance Team

Tutti piani

  Welcome to my first blog from Italia. In short, it's amazing! The study is engrossing, the people wonderful, a wine costs just a couple euro.Because of difficultly in previous years of the workshop, we aren't allowed to take many pictures during the workshop, so instead of lots of mask process photos, you'll enjoy shots of … Continue reading Tutti piani

Hunting for solutions

Behind the Scenes: The King Stag This show was produced at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR, and designed by Professor Michael Olich. I worked as the movement consultant for the actors and as an assistant designer/ builder of various mask and puppet items. Seven months before the show would open, we met to share broad concepts, … Continue reading Hunting for solutions

A summer of puppetry & dance

I had an amazing summer of work, which has lead right into some great projects this fall. I have been so occupied with doing, I haven't had much time to share.. so here are just a few quick highlights! The Creation Story: Lincoln Center Education & Carmen DeLavallade After taking part in a second summer … Continue reading A summer of puppetry & dance

Fish Puppets

This summer I was hired by a production company in New York City to make five large fish puppets. This is their story. Prototype The puppets needed were to be operated outdoors by a single person over the course of a few days. I needed to find a lightweight solution that could respond to wind and other variations … Continue reading Fish Puppets

Birds and Bugs

Owl Over the Moon Opera-matic, a collaborative arts group in Chicago, contacted me this last spring to make a mask for The Moon on the Lagoon, The community performance featured lullabies and the faces people find in the moon. What a cool idea! Part of designing the mask is figuring how it will align with and/or … Continue reading Birds and Bugs