Bali 2014 Photos

Bali 2014 Photos As promised, more photos!  Click on the link above to see all the photos in the blog and many, many more.  It is such a pleasure to share them with you, and to give a little visual context for all I've been writing about. This trip was done through a program of … Continue reading Bali 2014 Photos


Things to Remember

The Surprises of Surprise Re-entry is interesting. And by interesting, I mean full of surprises. Surprise is also, itself, interesting. And therefore surprise is...surprising. I'm not just playing circular word games.  Surprise, like accidents, cannot ever be fully predicted.  For example, when thinking about my reactions to coming back to the US after studying abroad, … Continue reading Things to Remember

Eight is Enough

I'll be on the plane to Bali in just eight days!  As I consult with my boyfriend, a seasoned international traveler, for the best things to bring, he of course mentions a towel. And naturally, I cannot help but think of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  I'm sure if I'm together enough to remember … Continue reading Eight is Enough